Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Polls across America reveal that Americans want to preserve their language and culture. The message is loud and clear but politicians, elected by you to serve you, and paid with your taxes, continue ignoring American citizens at every opportunity. It is obvious that the "fix" is in. Our Lords and Ladies in Washington, DC, have other plans . . . like corporate welfare, multiculturalism, misuse of social security, courting votes from growing numbers of illegal aliens and basically anything else that will compromise and undermine America’s English language, culture and heritage.

Two hundred years ago, brave men, taxed without representation, stepped onto sailing ships for the Boston Tea Party. Later, men like Jefferson, Franklin and Madison pounded out the finest freedom document ever created by humanity with the Declaration of Independence--though they could have been hung for treason. Later, soldiers at Valley Forge led by Washington and dressed in tattered uniforms, endured freezing weather and numerous privations to answer the call to birth this nation. Webster, Betsy Ross, Hamilton, Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Teddy Roosevelt, Ike and every man and woman in OD (olive drab) green from WWI, WWII to the jungles of Vietnam and Iraq have stood up to defend this country.

Ironically, today, we have a mass of politicians working to destroy this country, piece by piece, minute by minute, law by law. They serve illegal aliens more than they serve American citizens. They defend other countries more than their own. They spend billions of our tax dollars to preserve borders 10,000 miles away while watching our own borders being invaded with a ‘benign neglect’ that would make MacArthur and Eisenhower turn over in their graves.

No country in the world has been as successful as the United States with such a diversity of cultures and ethnic groups. What made it possible? The ‘rule of law’. All immigrants assimilated into the English language. Their new loyalties became American. They were eager and proud to become American citizens.

Today, that changes as American politicians opened the flood gates to clashing cultures, clashing religions, multiple languages, dual citizenship, and the loss of English as our national language. It is their recipe for dismantling our republican form of government.