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Breeding Mental Illness To Further American Empire

There is a mental sickness which has permeated America, and quite possibly other western countries. This sickness to love killing is not normal behavior for a civilized society. A recent assault in Cincinnati took place where bystanders stood and laughed as a tourist is beaten unconscious.

That event in Cincinnati shows more of the same mental sickness afflicting the country. No longer are films portraying real acting and drama. It's just kill, kill, kill. Like the sick fascination everyone has with zombies - more death.

I went to see the film Inglorious Bastards a few years ago with a friend when it was in the theater. It was the film he wanted to see. If I had known what this film was about I would have refused. Full screen, bloody head bashing with a baseball bat, knife killings and more. I was appalled by a group of young adults were laughing at the violence in the seats behind us. Would anyone want this done to them? Of course not. Yet another double standard.

This Cincinnati event shows the distortion that has happened to America's minds; no wonder bystanders laughed at this. It is yet another symptom of America that has gone from bad - to evil. Parents have allowed kill-kill-kill video games and phone apps to dominate children's lives, and parents are no longer doing the role they must do. These are idiot parents and will reap what they sow.

Families shape the next generation of Americans, but few parents fully realize that. Children's minds are like a farm field. Cultivated with love, care and discipline their minds have a chance at developing properly, and becoming good members of society. Parents that neglect this responsibility, perform no discipline and care not what their children say and do, are creating minds which are like a untended farm field - all types of weeds grow out of control. 

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