Saturday, May 29, 2010

Will Beck join the biggest dot?

Beck, not long ago, discussed how the station and his show has recently done the investigation, where a woman who was investigating came to tears after realizing what she had uncovered – the unmasking of World Governance, Crime Inc. (the current Federal Government), the bogus nature of climate change, etc. In short, Beck is bringing to light everything Alex Jones has been discussing for years less the biggest piece of the puzzle – 9/11 and the act that justified the biggest means – the Patriot Act and loss of Miranda rights in the United States.

We can all recall Naomi Wolf’s book, “The End of America”, where she describes with horror the steps that a fascist government undergoes to effect a police state.

Again, it is odd to have Beck now call out “global governance” as a newly discovered idea, that he would give credit to his network for unmasking. According to Beck, “nobody else is reporting this”. We all know better now don’t we?

While Beck states you do not need to look at the Bilderbergers to explain this, we all know that we do.

Not long ago, we reported on Beck’s apparent skirting around the issue of the New World Order and its agenda. He even went so far as to challenge Damon Vickers on bringing it up on CNBC, and he argued with Vickers that it could all be explained away by Cloward, Piven, and the Progressive agenda.