Saturday, June 5, 2010

FCC Talks Up Sovietization of Media

The Federal Trade Commission has released a plan dubbed “Potential Policy Recommendations to Support the Reinvention of Journalism.” It is nothing if not a government plan to sovietize media in the United States.

The Obama commissariat offer big ideas on how to “re-invent” media that is flagging due to the fact the corporatists insist on embracing a dinosaur business model that worked fine in 1950 but has spelled disaster and bankruptcy in 2010. Government is also worried about the fact millions of people are tuning out of the corporate media wavelength in favor of a dynamic medium on the internet where corporate domination — and government propaganda — is nearly impossible.

Fox News has covered the FCC plan, but has unfortunately injected the same old stale left-vs-right nonsense. Dan Gainor, writing for the Murdoch empire, says “a coalition of hard-left groups, some respected journalists like The Washington Post’s Vice President Len Downie, and a horde of Big Government types are looking for a bailout as well as funding for a new, openly left-wing replacement.”

It has nothing to with wings on the left or right. It has to do with the establishment regaining control and re-establishing a monopoly on information (or rather propaganda) and in the process crowding out the competition. It should not be a surprise the Washington Post is involved in the Obama administration effort — the Post, after all, was (and is) the crown jewel in the CIA’s long-running Operation Mockingbird effort to control media.