Thursday, June 28, 2012

Are Americans Really This Stupid?

Using two web sites, ballotpedia and the official U.S. house web site, I looked at the primary election results for a handful of states - just the U.S. House. It made me sick.

Alabama - 7 districts - 7 incumbents won
California 53 districts - 44 incumbents won
Illinois 18 districts - 14 incumbents won
Indiana - 9 district - 6 incumbents won
Iowa - five districts - 4 incumbents won
Mississippi - 4 districts - 4 incumbents won
North Carolina - 13 districts - 10 incumbents won
Ohio - 18 districts - 15 incumbents won
Pennsylvania - 19 districts - 16 incumbents won
South Carolina - 7 districts - 6 incumbents won
Texas - 36 districts - 30 incumbents won
Virginia 11 districts - 11 incumbents won

Some seats were uncontested, either party, so the incumbent will walk right back in come November. New districts were created as a result of the 2010 census based on counting illegal aliens; those seats are up for grabs. Some incumbents are retiring, which you and I will pay for until they leave this earth in retirement and benefits.

The American people in those states are so happy with the destruction of their rights and the fleecing of their wallets by their incumbents, collectively they're going to send back 167 of the same crooks, cowards and incompetent jackals to finish us off. There is still a pretend election in November where Republican incumbents will square off against a Democrat who won the primary on their party ticket; the same applies just the opposite.

However, with the average return of incumbents to the Outlaw Congress being 96%, most of those 167 primary winners will win. There are 435 U.S. House seats. With many more primaries to go, those numbers will increase by the hundreds.