Friday, August 30, 2019

Comey says he’s no weasel; IG thinks otherwise

Let me summarize the 80-plus pages for you by pulling out some quotes:

“Violated Department and FBI policies. … Comey Improperly Disclosed … Comey’s Improper Disclosures… Comey’s characterization finds no support in the law and is wholly incompatible with the plain language of the statutes, regulations and policies defining federal records, and the terms of Comey’s FBI Employment Agreement. … Comey violated … this assertion is without legal basis. … Unauthorized disclosure … Former Director Comey failed to live up to this responsibility … a dangerous example …..”

And so on.

But the alt-left media will claim that because the Justice Department declined to indict this obviously corrupt cop, he is “exonerated.” Got that?

Comey is a Democrat, the worst of the worst type of prevaricating, back-stabbing swamp creature, so no indictment means “exoneration.” On the other hand, Trump did nothing except being framed for something he didn’t do, but the 13 angry Democrats on the special counsel’s staff continue to assert that  no indictment doesn’t mean Trump is “exonerated.”

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019


A report in the South China Morning Post Monday claimed that the Hong Kong police in cracking down on demonstrations are grabbing innocent bystanders and arresting them without due process.

The report notes that the police are accusing people who are there to document the events, or even just observing, of participating in “unlawful assemblies.”

The Post notes that in some cases people are being imprisoned for days without being granted legal counsel:

Hong Kong police have claimed that protesters are causing violence, and that officers are showing restraint.

“I must emphasize the officers demonstrated great restraint. Their use of force was indeed necessary and reasonable. It was to protect any person, including our officers themselves, from death or serious bodily injury,” said Assistant Commissioner of Police Operations Mak Chin Ho on Monday.

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Monday, August 26, 2019

Confirmed: Obama knew about, and was DIRECTING, the “Spygate” coup attempt against Trump from the very beginning

For nearly two years as information about the coup attempt against President Donald Trump known as “Spygate” dripped out, observers long suspected that an operation of this scope – involving the Justice Department, the FBI, U.S. and foreign intelligence assets – had to have come from the very top.

That is, former President Obama, who was in the Oval Office when Spygate was hatched and began as the 2016 presidential election cycle kicked off, had to have not only known about it but approved it.

Now, the speculation is over: Of course, he did. 

Earlier this week during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Andrew McCarthy, attorney and former federal prosecutor who specialized in national security cases, said “counterintelligence operations” which is what Spygate was, at its core, are “done for the president.”

That means, as The Gateway Pundit notes, they are executed specifically to inform the commander-in-chief.

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Thursday, August 22, 2019


The death of millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein behind bars should trigger “system-wide self-reflection” on how prisoners are treated. The Metropolitan Correctional Center “is sort of like an American gulag for people who have not been convicted of anything,” Epstein lawyer Marc Fernich said.

Epstein had at least some dirt on some high-powered people like Bill Clinton and he could very well be dead because he was going to talk.

And another person currently jailed for giving the American public information the United States government desperately wanted to keep secret, is Julian Assange.  His health is failing and the highly dubious death of Jeffrey Epstein in a U.S. maximum-security prison is another strong reason not to extradite Assange into one.

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Tuesday, August 20, 2019

“National Conservatism” Is Being Co-Opted. Either We Reclaim It—Or The Future Is Separatism

I argued for “National Conservatism” in 2014, referring to a specific European tradition that puts the unity and cultural survival of the nation-state first. Put bluntly—the economy exists to serve the nation, not the nation the economy. Of course, I am appalled that the Main Stream Media has finally acknowledged “National Conservatism” at the very moment when (and probably because) it threatens to become irrelevant. Yoram Hazony’s “National Conservatism” racket is clearly gatekeeping, designed to direct nationalist energies into non-threatening dead ends. Nevertheless, the Left and its pet “conservatives” condemn even this housebroken version of National Conservatism. My current thinking: even if President Trump fails utterly, there’s no going back to Reagan-Bush “conservatism.” The only question: genuine nationalism—or separatism?

Perhaps the problem is that the only way Trump could have really succeeded is with something akin to a government of National Reconquest [Sam Francis in His Own Words, American Renaissance, April 2005]. Illegals needed to be deported, English established as the national language, E-Verify and remittance taxes imposed, and the Wall built. None of these things happened or, probably, will happen. Timid staffing choices and placeholders who even now are selling him out for a few minutes of MSM fame have made that impracticable.

Perhaps a new Trump program may emerge out of necessity in the 2020 campaign. But it seems more likely Trump will simply call the Democrats extremists and socialists and hope Americans are scared away.

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Friday, August 16, 2019

“Visit your district, not Israel” 65.7 percent of Americans tell Congress

IRmep Poll: 41 House Democrats are now visiting Israel during the Congressional recess on a trip funded by a tax-exempt pro-Israel charity linked to the U.S. Israel lobby group AIPAC. Source: IRmep representative poll of 2,000 American adults through Google Surveys on August 8-10.

Most American adults of voting age believe representatives should visit their congressional districts rather than go to Israel according to a new poll. IRmep Polls surveyed 2,000 American adults about where they believed congressional reps should go during recess.

Junkets to Israel funded by an entity housed within the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a domestically registered lobby and a small number of other Israel lobby groups account for a third of all privately funded congressional trips with an international destination.

Members of Congress participating in the trips are accompanied by AIPAC employees. According to a leaked briefing booklet the trips are designed to present Israel as a militarily vulnerable and valuable ally deserving massive U.S. foreign aid. The program does not include any discussion of Israel’s nuclear weapons program, military occupation of Palestinian territories or meaningful visits with Palestinians representative of those displaced by Israel’s creation.

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Killing Julian Assange Slowly

Dark forces in the US, other Western states, Israel, and most everywhere else greatly fear widespread public knowledge of their wrongdoing against ordinary people to benefit privileged ones.

They want it kept out of the mainstream, notably not on television and in print publications with widespread readership.

If the fourth estate gave news consumers a daily diet of what’s vital to know about domestic and geopolitical issues, another world would be possible — plowshares replacing swords, social justice over neoliberal harshness, equity and justice for all, nations fit and safe to live in for all their citizens and residents.

Notably in hegemonic America, if ordinary people understood the bipartisan plot against their rights and welfare in service to monied interests, a national convulsion could follow, a possible revolutionary uprising, maybe yellow vest-type protests involving millions demanding justice.

That’s why dark forces in America want whistleblowers like Chelsea Manning and investigative journalists like Julian Assange silenced and punished.

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Monday, August 12, 2019

Epstein’s Death: Contract killing ordered by Talmudic authorities?

Jeffrey Epstein was the central figure in Mossad’s blackmail operation, by which they controlled the U.S. government. But through his own malfeasance he had put Israel at risk. That bleak outlook called into play a little-known Talmudic option that is afforded to Jews in such a predicament. In Hebrew it is called din moser (“law of the informer”) and din rodef (“law of the pursuer”), and they are concepts found in the Babylonian Talmud (Tractate Sanhedrin, 73a). These are literally contract killings ordered by Jewish authorities against a Jew that is thought to have betrayed or will betray Jewish interests. The Epstein case had now involved the highest Jewish authorities in America and put their reputations and their constituencies in league with a truly rogue character who had outlived his strategic value.

Scholars have now acknowledged that the 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was just such a din rodef contract murder, ordered by a special court of Israeli rabbis. By conceding to the Palestinians land that many Jews believed was conferred to them by God Himself (in Genesis 15:17), Rabin was said to have betrayed the Jewish people. The assassin, rabbinical student Yigal Amir, justified his act on that very basis, telling police that he was acting on the basis of a rabbinical din rodef ruling. “Once something is a ruling, there is no longer a moral issue,” said Amir.

The Nation of Islam Research Group make a strong circumstantial case that the lynching of Leo Frank—the father of the ADL—was just such a din rodef contract murder (this is discussed in The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 3, pages 328-330).

Last, Epstein’s alleged partner in procuring the blackmail bait (young girls) was Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father was Mossad agent and billionaire publishing/media magnate Robert Maxwell (real name: Ján Ludvík Hyman Binyamin Hoch). He was also “suicided” by Mossad—found floating in the ocean near his yacht

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Friday, August 9, 2019

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

U.S. Americans Should Be Very Skeptical Of Calls For New “Terrorism” Laws

Two mass shootings have rocked the United States in less than 24 hours, leaving dozens dead and many more wounded. The first in El Paso, Texas was allegedly perpetrated by a white supremacist whose racist motives are outlined in a rambling “manifesto”, the second allegedly by a self-described “leftist” whose motives, like the 2017 Las Vegas shooter, are presently unknown. These incidents occurred a week after another mass shooting in Gilroy, California.

All the usual US gun control debates have of course reignited, which is understandable. Alongside this debate, however, we are seeing another, far more pernicious agenda being raised that I would like to address here.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, notorious liar and propagandist Malcolm Nance claimed that existing laws aren’t sufficient for prosecuting the El Paso shooter, because there are no laws designating his act of mass murder as “domestic terrorism”.

“I think that Congress needs to take up right away a series of domestic terrorism laws,” Nance said. “It’d be very simple: just match them to the words ‘international terrorism’, so that a member of al-Qaeda and a member of a white nationalist terrorist cell or a militia that thinks they’re going to carry out international acts of terrorism are equal all the way around. Right now there are no laws called ‘domestic terrorism law’. They can get you for firearms, they get you for hate crimes, but you are not treated as a terrorist. This act in El Paso was clearly by all definitions a terrorist attack in the United States, but of course by the nature of the person being white and American he can’t be treated like a member of ISIS or al-Qaeda. He can’t even be detained, he can only be treated as a murderer.”

(The accused, for the record, is in fact under arrest currently, and prosecutors say that they are treating it as a domestic terrorism case for which they are seeking the death penalty. This is in Texas; he’ll be dead before the next Fast & Furious movie. Nance’s notion that prosecutors’ hands are somehow tied here is silly.)

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Monday, August 5, 2019

Benjamin Disraeli: Father of the World Wars

Out of the Franco-Prussian war, imposed upon Prussia and her 30 smaller German allies by Napoleon III of France, a united Germany is born in 1871. Kaiser Wilhelm I is the big boss, but his Chancellor, the legendary Otto von Bismarck, is the political architect. 

The 'Iron Chancellor' realizes early on that the greatest external threat to Germany is the Rothschild-influenced British and French imperialists; while the greatest internal threat are the Red revolutionaries (Communists / Anarchists). Wise Bismarck also understands that the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the great Empire of Russia are targets of these same external and internal forces as well. Indeed, Bismarck, Tsar Alexander of Russia, and Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria have all survived assassination attempts by this time.

In 1873, to check the evil Anglo-Franco-Judeo empire of the West, Bismarck's brilliant diplomacy brings the three empires into a defensive alliance - The League of the Three Emperors. The negotiated agreement unites the monarchs of Austria-Hungary (Emperor Franz Joseph), Russia (Tsar Alexander II), and Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm I) into a mighty defensive front. The League has three main purposes:

  1.  to serve as a mutual defense against the growing Red movements which have been terrorizing Europe since 1848
  2.  to avoid war among themselves, relying on diplomacy to resolve any future differences
  3.  to oppose the expansion of French or British power into Central and Eastern Europe

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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Hong Kong protests: China military breaks silence to warn unrest should not be tolerated

The head of the Chinese army in Hong Kong has spoken on the protests for the first time, saying the unrest has “seriously threatened the life and safety” of the people and should not be tolerated.

The commander of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) garrison in Hong Kong warned it was “determined to protect national sovereignty, security, stability and the prosperity of Hong Kong”.

The remarks were made by Chen Daoxiang on Wednesday at a reception celebrating the 92nd anniversary of the PLA. They came the day after 43 protesters were charged with rioting and released on bail. Some of those charged were as young as 16 and included a Cathay Pacific pilot.

The PLA chief also gave his “firm” support to Hong Kong’s chief executive, Carrie Lam, as well as to to the Hong Kong police force for “rigorously enforcing the law”.

At the reception, the PLA released a dramatic video showcasing the army. In one scene, an anti-riot drill was shown where ranks of marching soldiers holding riot shields advanced and fired on fleeing “citizens”. The scene included footage of tanks rolling in, water cannon being used, and “handcuffed” citizens being led away

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