Monday, August 5, 2019

Benjamin Disraeli: Father of the World Wars

Out of the Franco-Prussian war, imposed upon Prussia and her 30 smaller German allies by Napoleon III of France, a united Germany is born in 1871. Kaiser Wilhelm I is the big boss, but his Chancellor, the legendary Otto von Bismarck, is the political architect. 

The 'Iron Chancellor' realizes early on that the greatest external threat to Germany is the Rothschild-influenced British and French imperialists; while the greatest internal threat are the Red revolutionaries (Communists / Anarchists). Wise Bismarck also understands that the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the great Empire of Russia are targets of these same external and internal forces as well. Indeed, Bismarck, Tsar Alexander of Russia, and Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria have all survived assassination attempts by this time.

In 1873, to check the evil Anglo-Franco-Judeo empire of the West, Bismarck's brilliant diplomacy brings the three empires into a defensive alliance - The League of the Three Emperors. The negotiated agreement unites the monarchs of Austria-Hungary (Emperor Franz Joseph), Russia (Tsar Alexander II), and Germany (Kaiser Wilhelm I) into a mighty defensive front. The League has three main purposes:

  1.  to serve as a mutual defense against the growing Red movements which have been terrorizing Europe since 1848
  2.  to avoid war among themselves, relying on diplomacy to resolve any future differences
  3.  to oppose the expansion of French or British power into Central and Eastern Europe

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