Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Constitutionalists Labeled as Terrorists for Speaking Out Against the Government

In August, Brian Loftus, commercial fisherman and member of Oathkeepers, was harassed by local police for purchasing “a few boxes of ammunition.”

The local shop keeper contacted the police because he was concerned Loftus “wasn’t going to do something crazy” with the ammunition. Without probable cause, police checked his criminal background – finding no further cause for questioning, however, they continued to question Loftus as to why he purchased the ammunition.

Loftus explains:

As things are progressing in the country, this is becoming more prevalent and as someone who has swore an oath to defend the Constitution like I have and these officers have, they have to wonder how many people are they gonna call? Are they gonna call their brother in law next time he goes to buy some ammunition or their brother or sister or son – where does it end?
The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force have indicated to owners of gun shops and gun ranges the US government’s new definitions of domestic terrorist that coincide with their demonization of US veterans and propaganda claims that domestic terrorists are more of a threat than their manufactured insurgent groups like al-Qaeda and the Free Syrian Army.

Last month, John Whitehead, constitutional attorney for former US Marine Brandon Raub, told Glenn Beck in an interview that veterans all over the country have been disappearing.