Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beleaguered Christianity

The Pope's Resignation looks like an episode of Dan Brown's sagas involving secret societies, conspiracies, the opus Dei and the prophecies of Malachy, and a final crisis in the already chaotic history of the Catholic Church.

Are the days of Armageddon finally near?
Last night, a lightning bolt struck a dome in the city of the Vatican. Was it a plot of HAARP program or a sign of an angry sky? Of course it could be considered as a sign of the Illuminati, one day after the pope's resignation, which has disappointed traditionalist Catholics who regarded him as their last chance.

Mainstream Catholics actually do not differ from modern submissive crowds. They accept anything, just fearing not being politically correct and they live "en accord avec l'esprit des temps". They go to church sometimes; they accept the sacraments but don't give a damn about the future of the faith and European Christianity.

If the next pope is an African, in conformity with the mainstream media will, and if he asks Europe to accept one hundred million more Africans, these Christians will be happy to submit and to accept their destruction and submersion. Who would take the risk of being labelled a racist?

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