Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Journalism as a ‘Vice’

What does a prediction of a ricin attack on the United States, North Korea, Dennis Rodman, and punk rock fans have in common? The answer is a bizarre but well-funded magazine and documentary production company called “Vice,” which has alternated its headquarters between Montreal and Brooklyn.

Vice has been billed as the “Rolling Stone” for the modern era. However, its deep pockets and involvement in the world’s hottest trouble spots has some observers believing it is yet another George Soros-financed operation to destabilize honest journalism with unmitigated trash and disinformation. It has debuted on HBO with a news documentary program that is about as full of facts as other cable offerings like “Ancient Aliens” and “Pawn Stars.”

After hosting a trip to North Korea by former basketball star Dennis Rodman and members of the Harlem Globetrotters, where Rodman pronounced his never-ending love for Kim Jong Un, Vice’s HBO show, which is hosted by HBO’s Bill Maher, featured a segment on North Korean women smuggled out of North Korea into Laos and in danger of being forced into the sex trade. The picture of Vice as a double-dealing disinformation outlet becomes clearer.

Vice’s visit to Pyongyang came after one by Google boss Eric Schmidt and his Google Ideas guru Jared Cohen. Cohen is a veteran of the State Department’s involvement with “themed revolutions” and the “Arab Spring” uprisings. Cohen is yet another of Soros’s many well-paid operatives who search the world for destabilization opportunities. Although Schmidt and Cohen did not get an audience with young Kim, their presence in North Korea likely had more to do with sizing up support for the real faction governing North Korea: the military clique of Kim’s aunt and uncle, Kim Kyong-hui and Jang Sung-taek, which has received the covert backing of Israel and the Mossad.

Vice’s documentary crew has also traveled into the jungles of the Philippines to report on the long-simmering Muslim rebellion in that nation, as well as to Iran and Liberia. And in another sign that Vice is nothing more than a new form of Soros-financed propaganda, CNN’s “globalized” Fareed Zakaria is a consultant to the program.

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