Monday, May 27, 2013

Brits Brace for Bilderberg

In Hertfordshire, England, in the town of Watford, the mayor and the local press are not giving the silent treatment to the upcoming Bilderberg Group meeting at the luxurious Grove Hotel, June 6-9. This advance, prominent publicity on Bilderberg is welcome news, considering that for decades the globalist cabal has been able to operate behind a veil of near-total secrecy.
Mayor Dorothy Thornhill is already speaking to the press about her concerns that Bilderberg protesters, intent on crashing the internationalists’ elite party, will soon be descending on her quiet town.
“I have my concerns about it, because it does attract people who can and do cause violence and disturbance,” Ms. Thornhill quavered to the Watford Observer.
It seems Ms. Thornhill got her knickers in a knot regarding the basic concept of who the purveyors of violence really are. Is it really the protesters, or could it be the power players who conduct these Bilderberg meetings to secretively and undemocratically lay out broad objectives, such as sustaining existing wars and planning new ones?
A UK blogger adroitly noted: “It is not the protesters that should be the main concern—it is the fact that the world’s political, financial and military elite meet in absolute secrecy, including their own [UK] elected officials.”
If the mayor seems a tad dim in her estimation of who the real troublemakers are, she still is noticeably uncomfortable that local taxpayers, to the extent that local resources are used to handle the Bilderberg group’s security needs, must pick up the tab. While the 140 or so major bankers, corporate captains, media moguls, policy wonks, royalty and other manicured mavens who come to these meetings do spend their own funds for private security, the locals are milked to pay for a heightened police presence over the weekend.