Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Curtain of Lies: How the Treason Lobby Seeks to Lie the American People into Oblivion

Why has the Main Stream Media suddenly been reporting that Americans favor Amnesty? The answer is simple—they’re using phony poll results to support their preferred policy.

Pollaganda, along with pseudo-scholarship and phony government statistics (also here), has become an important tool of the bipartisan and totalitarian system that is pushing open borders.

People used to criticize Bill Clinton for following poll results rather than leading. [Leaders As Followers, By Maureen Dowd, New York Times, January 12, 1997] Political consultants have since solved the problem of the invertebrate pol: Manufacture a fake public opinion that supports the politician they’re working for.

The basic form of pollaganda questions goes something like this:
  • If I told you that there’s a mayonnaise that tastes every bit as delicious as Hellman’s, but has zero calories, would you buy it?
This is the sort of “polling” for which the Gang of Eight’s paymasters have paid millions of dollars, within a $1.5 billion lobbying campaign, in order to ram Amnesty (along with a logically-unrelated but donor-enriching increase in legal immigration) through Congress.

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