Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Union’s state: A wounded soldier, a defeated America, and a depraved governing class

–First, Americans must recognize that in the task of defeating our enemies — those who attack us, whatever their motivation — U.S. civilian and military lawyers, law school professors, and most of the rest of the academy and the media are on the enemy’s side. They all accept the killing and crippling of U.S. military personnel as an acceptable price for abiding by the nonsense of what is called “Just War Theory.” Prior to 1945, this theory — which was founded in an era of manly Christianity — never demanded national suicide or giving the enemy an unopposed chance to kill our troops. But today the theory is applied as a means of protecting the enemy. American parents are forced to see their sons and daughters killed — or grievously wounded, as was Sgt. Remsburg — because the U.S. military’s rules-of-engagement require our service personnel to be targets instead of killers, and also require “proportionality” in war, which amounts to fighting on the enemies’ terms. Those who hawk the Just War Theory as its stands and those deluded, usually Ivy-League educated political leaders who apply it in the anti-American form into which academics, clerics, and lawyers have twisted it since 1945 are as much the foes of America — “enemy combatants,” if you will — as are the mujahedin.

–Secondly, Americans need resolutely to use their votes to elect leaders who will stop intervening in overseas events that have nothing to with genuine U.S. national interests. Because of more than thirty years of Washington’s relentless and often mindless bipartisan interventionism, America is fighting what now amounts to a growing world war against Islamist militants and has only its military and intelligence services to defend the republic. Those services cannot win this war so long as our current political class continues to aid the enemy by deliberately losing wars and intervening politically, militarily, and culturally in the Muslim world. As the Islamist threat grows in size, lethality, cohesion, and geographic reach, our bipartisan leaders continue to intervene across the Islamic world and thereby provide the main motivation driving our Islamist foes to attack America. These politicians, for example, support a military coup against a fairly elected Islamist government in Egypt; they back a pervasive Saudi police state and call it America’s trusted ally, even as Riyadh exports a kind of Islam far more vicious than anything bin Laden and his ilk had in mind; and they accept bribery disguised as “campaign contributions” from those disloyal, Israel-First Americans who intend to lead the U.S. military into direct involvement in the wars Israel will soon fight and ultimately lose to the Islamists brought to its borders by the Arab Spring. At all times, there is only a short list of U.S. national interests for which the lives of our military personnel must be risked, but the support of an Egyptian tyranny, the appeasement of a Saudi police state, and perpetual enslavement to Israel’s interests are never on that list. An end to Washington’s interventionism would reduce the motivation of many of Islamists to attack us; shatter their growing cohesion; motivate them to turn more fully on their true enemies: the Arab tyrannies, Israel, and the Shia; and allow the U.S. military a much improved chance to kill those Islamists and their supporters still bent on attacking the United States.

So if Americans want to honestly and substantively honor Sgt. Remsburg — and all U.S. military and intelligence personnel — they must elect leaders who will not start unnecessary wars; who will win the very few necessary wars America must fight; who will not intervene in places and on issues that are none of America’s concern; and who will never forget that the United States is their country of first and only allegiance.

Conversely, Americans must stop electing Democrats and Republicans of the kind now found in Washington. To build their personal and party power, the current U.S. governing class as a whole will continue to ruin the country financially; expand the already near-monarchial powers of the Executive Branch; murder our young by engaging in wars they do not intend to win; intervene in other nations’ affairs, thereby stoking unprecedented hatred for America; and knowingly welcome into the United States the corruption and loss of American independence that results from their groveling devotion to the alien interests of Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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