Monday, November 17, 2014

Looming Obamnesty Just A Symptom Of America’s Democidal Democracy

The Obama Amnesty, threatened as early as this week, is bigger than the perfidy of one President—it’s a systemic failing of our form of government. Our ruling elite clearly has a positive interest in making life worse for the majority of people in the country and in actively degrading the concept of citizenship. Our democidal democracy is actually unmaking the American people. Obama’s Executive Amnesty is merely the final stroke that will sever the connection between the historic American nation and the government in Washington, D.C.

The only hope: the GOP/ GAP will become the explicit defender of the American majority’s interests via a National Conservative program of immigration restriction, pro-worker policies, and opposition to corporate exploitation. But this would mean overcoming the ideological bankruptcy of the Beltway Right—and the short-term pecuniary interests of the Republican Congressional leadership.

Ominously, there are troubling signs that the new Republican majority, having been elected largely on the strength of the public’s opposition to Amnesty, is already wobbling. Thus Betsy Woodruff at Slate giggles that “the GOP is about as divided over immigration policy as any political party is over any single issue.” [The Coming Immigration War, November 14, 2014]

Significantly, there does not seem to be a consensus among Republican Party about what actually to do if and when Obama pulls the trigger on unilaterally legalizing almost five million law-breaking aliens.

GOP congressional leaders are discussing a series of short-term funding measures that would “create a forum to push back against the president, and, possibly, gain concessions. Republicans also are planning to file a lawsuit against the president over his use of executive authority, according to the lawmakers and aides.” [Congressional Republicans consider using short-term funding bill to pressure Obama, Robert Costa, Washington Post, November 14, 2014] The power of the purse could be used to simply defund Obama’s Amnesty, as Senator Jeff Sessions (R-America) has urged. [Jeff Sessions: Defund Obama’s Exec Amnesty in Next Funding Bill, Tony Lee, Breitbart, November 6, 2014]

But, needless to say, this approach concedes the initiative entirely to President Obama, who has already acknowledged that what he is proposing to do is unconstitutional.