Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Trump’s “Fascism” Is Just White America Finally Hitting BACK

On the eve of the final GOP presidential candidates’ debate, Conservatism Inc. still hasn’t decided whether to denounce Donald Trump as a RINO or a fascist. But the Left is voting for “fascist” and Conservatism Inc. notoriously ends up doing what the Left wants.

George Orwell famously wrote, “[A]s used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless.” But to the Main Stream Media, fascism has an obvious meaning. A “fascist” is anyone who supports Donald Trump.

In response to Donald Trump echoing Peter Brimelow’s call for a moratorium on Muslim immigration, glorified celebrity gossip site The Huffington Post declared Trump had gone “full fascist.” By the standards of Godwin’s Law, Trump has already won the election, as comparisons to the Fuhrer are now practically cliché. [Philly paper: Trump is literally Hitler, by Josh Fatzick, Daily Caller, December 8, 2015] The Main Stream Media dug up former New Jersey Governor (and faux Republican) Christine Todd Whitman to describe Trump’s speeches as “the kind of rhetoric that allowed Hitler to move forward” [Christine Todd Whitman: Donald Trump’s Muslim comments like Hitler’s, by Tom Lo Bianoco, CNN, December 9, 2015]. Even before his proposed Muslim travel ban, the former humor site Cracked earnestly lectured its readers about “5 Ways Donald Trump Perfectly Mirrors Hitler’s Rise to Power” [by Adam Tod Brown, October 1, 2015]

The Donald had a typically Alpha Male response when asked if he was bothered by such comparisons. He said, simply, “I don’t care,” prompting a new outbreak of inadvertently hilarious passive aggressive whining from the MSM [‘I. Don’t. Care.’: Trump brushes off horrified reaction to his Muslim ban, by Ed Pilkington, The Guardian, December 8, 2015]. One can’t help but wonder if he’s reading some of the material on the Alt Right [I Don’t Care, by Jack Donovan, Radix, October 31, 2014]

It’s a strange history where a proposal for temporary halt in Visas and an expansion of an already existing religious test is immediately linked with Panzer divisions merrily rolling through Poland. Of course, to normal people, a hypothetical America festooned with giant red and white banners reading “Can’t Stump the Trump” and schools full of children forced to read “The Art of the Deal” is absurd and hilarious. Nonetheless, Leftist reporters seem genuinely terrified such a thing is about to happen.

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