Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Alt Right Speech Is A Crime, Leftist Physical Attacks Are “Protests”

A point generally suppressed in the MSM reports: the relentless weekend-long attack on the NPI conference by an organized “Anti-Fascist” Leftist gang–always described euphemistically as “protestors.” They intimidated two restaurants into cancelling the Friday night dinner and, when a third was found, actually invaded it and sprayed participants, including Spencer, with some fecal-smelling liquid. They besieged the Reagan Center, which NPI is forced to use because as a federal facility it is compelled to honor the First Amendment, obscenely harassed conference attendees regardless of age or sex, and assaulted at least one of them, bloodying his face.

The D.C. police offered only perfunctory protection. I see no report that anyone has been arrested, or that the two briefly detained after the assault were charged, or even that the gang’s leadership is being questioned, despite flaunting its presence on the internet.

This has been going on for long time. A few years ago, I wrote about the Main Steam Media double standard–first noted by the late Edith Efron [1922-2001] in The News Twisters, [PDF] in 1971–in which the MSM reported conservative protests as if they were attacks, and physical attacks on conservatives as if they were protests.

Efron studied the news coverage of the 1968 campaign, and discovered a bias against Nixon and for Humphrey. (Nixon was elected anyway–Pat Buchanan was there with him.)

But the real bias was against George Wallace, former governor of Alabama, running on a Third Party ticket.

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