Tuesday, November 6, 2018


The Gateway Pundit is thrilled to announce Stephen K. Bannon will host coverage of election night 2018. Guests through the night will include several top conservatives.  The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, Alicia Powe and Cassandra Fairbanks will also make appearances and will be covering the event and election results live.

The Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft added, “We look forward to bringing our readers smart, minute-by-minute analysis of hotly contested midterm races by some of the most respected names in American politics.”

In an interview with TGP’s Alicia Powe this weekend, Steve Bannon said of the November 6 election, “This is grassroots vs. grassroots. Our base is just as strong, if not stronger. But people have to get that sense of urgency.”

On where the future is going, Bannon said, “A third to fifty percent of working class and middle-class African Americans and Hispanics are natural allies in this Trump movement. They see all time low unemployment in the African American community. They understand that Trump’s policies are trying to make their lives better, even the policies at the border, which I think are the most humanitarian. What Trump is saying is that the working class people of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona can’t bare the burden of solving the problem of failed states in central America. They’re attracted to not just Trump’s policies, they are attracted to the results of Trump’s policies and I only think this gets stronger and stronger and stronger.”

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