Monday, February 25, 2019

Pro-Israel CFI Lobby in Westminster and AIPAC in Washington, Endorsement of Israel as a Powerful Nuclear Weapons State

In Westminster, the CFI lobby as with AIPAC in Washington, although working for the Zionist agenda is by no means exclusively Jewish because it is adept at co-opting influential figures from various different sectors who are deemed to be useful fodder in advancing the Zionist cause. (One such major cohort manipulated by the lobby in the US is the evangelical Christian Movement aka ‘Christian Zionists’ whose objective – studiously ignored by Israel – is to gather all Jews into one place there to be baptised into the Christian faith in a mass ceremony to facilitate the Second Coming of Christ).

Whatever the split between faiths, the sole objective of the Israel lobby is to build Israel into the third most powerful nuclear state in the world after the US and Russia, in order that America can effectively control both the Middle East and Europe.  With one major difference. The state of Israel is not bound by any international agreement regarding the possession and use of nuclear, chemical or biological (NBC) weapons. It is the only state in the world that is allowed unrestricted arsenals of undeclared and uninspected WMD in gross violation of the will of the United Nations and its other 192 member states.

That makes the state of Israel arguably the most dangerous threat ever known.  And the lobbies that support, arm and finance it have clearly abdicated all responsibility for world peace but, on the contrary, have tragically laid the foundations for future global war. And, like forced rhubarb in a dark cellar, the Israel lobby continues to operate unseen in both Washington and Westminster.

There is, however, one solution: all individuals working for the benefit of a foreign government should be registered as ‘foreign agents’ in the UK and their activities scrutinised and restricted in the interests of our national security.

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