Monday, June 3, 2019

The Old Order Is Falling

A DISPLACEMENT IS UNFOLDING and world Jewry is blind to it.
Do they really think their dominance will remain as a perpetual state of affairs?

For if the current trends among Millennials and Generation Z signal a U Turn in Jewry’s one-way street then we’re on our way to a change in direction.

Neither group is swallowing the Holocaust Hoax, Israeli ‘Democracy,’ Jewish Statism, or the mass of Jewish Warmongering propaganda.

More than one-fifth of Millennials in the US haven’t heard of the so-called Holocaust and nearly two-thirds never heard of Auschwitz.

The majority of the upcoming Generation Z doesn’t know that the “Third Reich” ever existed and couldn’t care less what happened some eighty years ago.

With regard to celebrating the “Jewish State,” a recent survey showed that among younger evangelical Christians support for Israel was on the wane coinciding with an emerging and germinating sympathy for Palestinian concerns.

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