Friday, September 13, 2019


  1. And who in the U.S. military, intelligence and military contractor
  2. chains of command and U.S. civilian leadership in the Bush-Cheney
  3. Administration are among the prime suspects for these Acts of High
  4. Treason?

  5. First and foremost are the signatories of the pre-9/11 Project for
  6. a New American Century (PNAC) manifesto calling for “a new Pearl
  7. Harbor” to catalyze its radical right-wing global domination and domestic
  8. surveillance-and-control agenda: 1) Vice President Dick Cheney;
  9. 2) Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld; 3) then Deputy Secretary of
  10. Defense Paul Wolfowitz; 4) Richard Perle, then head of Secretary
  11. Rumsfeld’s Defense Policy Board; 5) Jerry Hauer, one of the U.S.
  12. government’s top bio-terrorism experts who reportedly took anti-anthrax
  13. Cipro to the White House on 9/11.15A Hauer had been director of NYC
  14. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM),
  15. whose personnel were moved to a New York pier on 9/11 just before its
  16. WTC7 offices were destroyed by pre-placed controlled demolition charges.
  17. A central player in scripting the bio-chem terrorism attack scenario for the
  18. Sept. 10/11/12 TRIPOD II exercise in NYC, Hauer is also an expert in
  19. the response to building collapses (New York Times, July 27, 1999).
  20. It was Hauer who insisted, despite the 1993 terrorist attack on WTC1,
  21. that Giuliani still locate his Office of Emergency Management, from which
  22. a response to another terrorist attack would be expected to be orchestrated,
  23. in WTC7 next door15B, and also Hauer who zealously pushed the ‘bin Laden
  24. did it and planes-and-fires brought down the Towers’ official story on CBS
  25. News on 9/11 in the immediate aftermath of the attacks before anyone
  26. without insider knowledge could have possibly determined the actual cause
  27. of the collapses, taking pains to state that explosives were not involved,
  28. when they were. The OEM opened on the 23rd floor of WTC7 in June 1999,
  29. where Hauer, its director, had his office. Hauer was also managing director
  30. of Kroll Associates before and on 9/11, the company that provided ‘security’
  31. for the World Trade Center, including all three buildings brought down by
  32. controlled demolition that morning, and thus had complete access to preplace
  33. the explosive charges he adamantly insisted on national TV on 9/11
  34. were not involved. Hauer became a National Security adviser to the
  35. National Institutes of Health on Sept. 10, the very day TRIPOD II personnel
  36. arrived in New York City , from which new NIH post he managed the Bush
  37. Administration’s ‘response’ to the imminent anthrax attacks and the
  38. initial cover up of the insider anthrax killers. 6) Gary Bauer, the rightwing
  39. ‘family values’ zealot who ‘happened’ to be one of the ‘witnesses’
  40. to immediately claim publicly to have seen ‘Flight 77 hit the Pentagon’,
  41. proven by the evidence to be a physical impossibility; and 7) then National
  42. Security Council Middle East adviser Zalmay Khalizad close to NSC
  43. Director Condolezza Rice, soon to be the first US Ambassador to
  44. Afghanistan after 9/11 and then U.S. Ambassador to Iraq – the very
  45. two countries whose invasions were rationalized as retaliation for the 9/11
  46. attacks. During the Cold War, Khalizad was reportedly a liaison to then
  47. CIA “bag man” Osama bin Laden in the CIA-Pakistani ISI-Saudi covert
  48. war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, the crucible from which al Qaeda
  49. later emerged. ‘Al Qaeda’, in fact, was originally the CIA’s and ISI’s
  50. list of anti-Soviet foreign fighters in Afghanistan.

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