Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The American “Church” and “Republic” Join Netanyahu’s Psychologist in Suicide

The National Prayer Network’s Ted Pike painfully reminds us that the American “evangelical” community is once again supporting the crimes of the Zionist State of Israel against decent humanity. Ted joins my old friends, Chuck Carlson of We Hold These Truths, and Dale Crowley, as one of the few Protestant evangelicals of national prominence who recognizes that murder and terror undergirded by an ideological agenda of Jewish racial supremacism, is antithetical to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of God. The terroristic strike on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla is just the latest example of this demonic alliance, but it isn’t the last. The endgame is a preemptive Israeli attack on Iran.

The Pike essay, “Right Swallows Israel’s Flotilla Lies,” is a part of a wider cancerous condition I wrote about for Covenant News 5 years ago, before leaving Philadelphia for a return to south Texas. The title of the piece was “Does the American Evangelical Church Have Terminal Cancer?“ It posited the idea as an interrogative, implying that perhaps the jury was still out on this movement, and the wider American Republic itself.

What I wrote 5 years ago seems as fresh as it did then. I hope you will read it again, or for the very first time. There has been only one change in my thinking in this last half-decade.

I no longer believe that the jury is out. The American “Church” and the Old Republic are dead. It is all over.

The American/Zionist Empire’s coming attack on Iran, will facilitate the former’s eventual and merciful disappearance from the pages of history. All of the signs are present. Philip Giraldi’s critique of last December 14th’s Times of London story on the Iranian nuclear program, neatly summarized in Gareth Porter’s “US Intelligence Found Iran Nuke Document Was Forged, ” is still a basic roadmap. So is Giraldi’s more recent effort, entitled, “A Wasteland Called Peace.”