Friday, June 11, 2010

G.O.D. and Obama’s Rapid Deterioration

President Barack Obama – and his Presidency – are disappearing right in front of our eyes. The Gulf Oil Disaster (Hey, the acronym for that would be G.O.D. – and it’s almost as if God created this oil leak to show how mistaken the nation was to elect a man so unprepared to be president) – combined with his ham-handed way of dismissing the majority public opinion on Health Care, immigration
and the economy have taken this once Golden Child and reduced him to a polarizing incompetent scrambling to defend himself.

The Matt Lauer TODAY SHOW interview is yet the latest example of Obama trying to be someone he is not. The kicking “ass” statement was so contrived and scripted as to be laughable. Here was No Drama Obama under fire for being his usual too-passive self. And he is so thin-skinned that he reacts to this criticism by pretending to be Clint Eastwood! Talk about no knowing yourself.

This comes after two trips to the Gulf and a self-centered press conference in which the President tried to convince the country that he cares about the G.O.D.. Well, the best way to convince us is not by telling us you care but by doing things which prove it - such as treating this like a deadly amphibious invasion and marshalling all our military and Coast Guard assets to repel the invaders. (The leak is up to BP to stop; but the USG can take over the clean-up – with BP paying for ALL of it –because we have enormous military manpower and ships and equipment which ought to be mobilized.)

Obama should move himself and his White House high command down to the Gulf for the summer – until this thing in under control.