Saturday, December 31, 2011


In two days time the funeral for the United States will be complete. The gravestone should read Born 1776 Died 2011. The cause of death was the total failure of the public to participate in any of the things that could have kept this nation alive. This is of course the same basic reason why every successful nation in the past also died; because of greed, corruption and lawlessness that in one way or another led to the death of so many billions of people; Only to know that the evil which conquered each and every viable state, would itself also be totally destroyed in the end"forcing the survivors to start all over again from the beginning. . .

The causes for this funeral go back into the depths of Millennia, but since this place does not believe in real history, we have only to look back as far as the beginning of the New Millennia that began in the year 2000 A.D., when the president was appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court on 12-12-2000. That was very quickly followed by the coup in the White House that was run by Dirty-Dick-Cheney who proceeded to create the US Energy Policies that have been directing virtually every decision beginning in February 2001, (when the secret spying upon every American began) all the way down to and through, all the wars that have been declared since those fateful SECRET meetings that basically began our lawless-government's intensive-intrusions into every facet of our lives"while the public did absolutely nothing-at-all about any of it!

Then came 911 and the USA Patriot Acts, (One & Two) and the introduction of HOMELAND SECURITY, which announced the murder of the United States, in favor of the Zionist-Nazi-State wherein the Constitution and the Rule-of-Law were both delegitimized. That was followed by unilateral and preemptive military strikes against Afghanistan and in 2003 on Iraq: Ironically neither of these American created wars was legal, and neither of them had any basis whatsoever for existing: yet because the public refused to speak out: Our National-Global-War-Policies became a fixture in domestic policy that has basically bankrupted the nation and now threatens the whole world with our thermonuclear desire to end the whole world in thousands of mushroom clouds most of which will have been detonated by USI, in tandem with Zionist-occupied Israel. This act that is just days away from happening, will very quickly involve Russia and China (who vowed after the US selections of 2004 to STOP this criminal cabal regardless of the cost) ) so that this conflict will be the final conflict that will enable this worldwide-war to involve the entire planet and not just a few hemispheres.

As we approach New Years Eve for 2012; we can easily see that the criminal-coup has won each and every battle in the war for the minds, and the silence of the Amerikan public on each and every subject wherein the public's rights to know and to participate have been not just stolen but actually made illegal by the Police State that has called each and every shot in their rather brief march to Fascism and our national-horror, on the way to total global-control (which is still in doubt), but which will soon find most of the world's people in that flaming-cauldron of fire that the few have been feeding since time itself began.