Monday, December 19, 2011

Remembering Why Real Americans Fight

What are our new hopes? We hope our own military and police will refuse the orders we now know are coming.

These will be orders to put Americans into prisons or simply kill them and bury the bodies in public dumps as though they were our heroic war dead turned over to the Air Force. (You didn’t know?)

Our government has thrown down the gauntlet.

We can stay stupid, support the two political parties they offer, vote for their judges, obey their police, starve quietly, living as slaves or we can die at their hands.

Ordering any member of the police or military to enforce a law that violates, not one or two constitutional provisions but nearly all of them, has to be a criminal act, minimally a felony, probably treason.

Arrest of such people must be prepared for.

We will protect our country but we also remain a nation of laws, we will keep our decency, our honor and our system of justice.

What would a real America do?