Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Millennial Cult of Global Warming

The turn of the century has ushered in a golden age of cults.

There are literally hundreds of them, and we’ll talk about some of the main ones in this article, but first we must understand why they are so pervasive in our society.

Those on the ideological Right and Left will often fight to the death to prove that their end of times cult is the biggest threat to civilisation. In 2014, for the Right, it’s Islamic terror, and for the Left, it’s climate change. In reality, genuine threats could be things completely different, like Fukushima, Geoengineering, or Ebola. But as far as 21stcentury death cults go, if their is a promising money-making economy attached to the doomsday threat and the potential to polarise society, then it has a much greater chance of gaining mass traction – in other words: elites will love it!

What is a Millennial Cult?

Millennarianism, or the frequent eruption of millennial cults in society is often associated with the study by anthropologists of non-western “primitive” societies, especially South Pacific islander societies but its historical outbreak in western society are very well known.

Remember the Y2K hysteria in 2000? Or the Maya 13th Baktun of December 2012, after which time the world would surely end?

They threatened “potted disaster”, but in those two cases the political handle was hard to spot, even by seasoned conspiracy theorists. Unconvincing attempts included claims that the 13th Baktun coincided with particularly intense experiments in the US HAARP (high frequency auroral research) program, which would cause complete collapse of all electric power grids, followed of course by the declaration of martial law and the start of the New World Order, which itself is an elite millennial cult – not unlike like global warming. 

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