Wednesday, December 3, 2014

On Both Ferguson And Amnesty, GOP Leadership Wants To Surrender To Minority Occupation Government

The ongoing unrest in Ferguson, Missouri and Barack Obama’s Executive Amnesty aren’t just anomalies or temporary excesses. They are indications that the U.S. is embarking on a new form of government, an ideological dictatorship based on propagating a Narrative of white oppression to justify state expansion and social control. And as much as Republicans would like to pretend otherwise, we will never be able to put issues like race relations, immigration or crime “behind us” because the Minority Occupation Government depends upon a constant escalation of racial tension.

Remarkably, even after the complete Narrative Collapse of Michael Brown as a “Gentle Giant” and the release of Officer Darren Wilson, Ferguson still may actually end up strengthening the Left. Far from being discredited, racial profiteer Al Sharpton is being fêted at the White House.

Barack Obama has already adopted the main demand of Michael Brown’s family by supporting body cameras for police officers, as well as hundreds of millions dollars to “reform” police departments. [Obama asks Congress to fund 50,000 police body cameras, BBC, December 1, 2014]

This is only the beginning. Activists who were allowed to meet with the President are also demanding increased federal oversight of local police departments, “community” oversight of police and more money for “community programs.” [6 Solutions Emerge After Young Ferguson Activists Meet With Obama, Biden & Eric Holder, by Leslie Salzillo, Daily Kos, December 1, 2014]

In real terms, this will translate into more taxpayer money being put into the hands of far Left activists and “community organizers” and more racially motivated prosecutions of white officers. The end game: for every police department in the country to look like the openly anti-white Department of Justice of Eric Holder.

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