Thursday, March 7, 2013

Skull and Bones blueblood John Kerry seeks destruction of Syria

John Forbes Kerry, the current United States Secretary of State, is a blue-blooded patrician oligarch and member of the infamous Yale Skull and Bones secret society.

Kerry has already signaled that he will be more aggressive and ruthless than his predecessor, Hillary Rodham Clinton, when it comes to implementing the US program of destroying the sovereign and independent nation states of the world, and replacing them with micro states, mini states, rump states, failed states, warlords, and chaos. Accordingly, Kerry wants to increase aid to the Syrian rebels, whom his own department has branded as terrorists.

Even in a millionaire’s club like the United States Senate, Kerry stood out as the richest senator. His father, Richard Kerry, was a foreign service officer for the US State Department involved in United Nations affairs. Kerry’s paternal grandparents, the Silesian Fritz Kohn and the Budapest-born Ida Löwe were Jews from a suburb of Vienna, Austria-Hungary who came to the United States and converted to Roman Catholicism at the beginning of the 20th century, changing their name to Kerry after selecting it at random from a map of Ireland. Fritz Kohn/Kerry had a shoe business which went bankrupt during the crash of 1921, leading to his suicide. Today’s John Forbes Kerry was raised as a Roman Catholic, which he says he has remained.

John Kerry’s pedigree and the initial money for his education come from his mother, who was born Rosemary Isabel Forbes. The Forbes family had arrived in Massachusetts in the mid-18th century, much later than many of the Boston Brahmins, but Ralph Bennett Forbes soon married Margaret Perkins, a daughter of the notorious family controlling Perkins & Co., one of the selected American firms partnering with the British East India Company in shipping opium from India to China, and tea from China to Europe and North America. Thanks to this strategic marriage, the Forbes were directly allied to families like the Cabots, the Cushings, and others. Ralph Bennett Forbes worked for the Perkins syndicate as an opium-runner. His son, John Murray Forbes, was for a time one of the dominant personalities of the foreign clique controlling the Chinese emperor.

John Murray Forbes made a strategic move for the family to go legit, shifting their fortune from opium and slaves into investments in US railroads. John Murray Forbes later played a prominent role in the committee of Boston Brahmins who financed and incited John Brown to carry out murderous provocations against the slaveholding states, not with the goal of ending slavery, but rather with the goal of fomenting a civil war which would destroy the United States government.

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