Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ten Years Later: Iraq war criminals still at large

Is the New Order taking charge, or is the world simply falling apart at the seams; literally, geologically, and socially?

There comes a time when every individual however innocent of personal wrong-doing or inactivity in the face of wrong-doing, who has taken advantage of or benefited from the wrong-doings of his family, tribe, cult, nation or culture, must pay the price for the collective wrong-doing of that family, tribe, cult, nation or culture, whether he actively participated in their crimes or not.

Having accepted the advantage and benefit of his personal identity with that group, he has no complaint, and cannot plead innocent, when he is called to account for the behavior of that group, participant or not.

As I have said before, revolutions usually destroy more than they develop, and few of them result in much more than new names, old games, amidst a lot of new ruins and destruction.
Evolution is natural… Revolution is man-made. 
Man is the one singular, sole, contaminant, a pollutant on the face of the earth, which has become the greatest threat to all living matter and animals on the planet, including himself.
Reading history and about the human condition,is development upon which is based personal growth and maturity, the sum of which is wisdom.

A Farewell Address by Philip Giraldi, is worth re-visiting.

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