Monday, May 17, 2010

Activus Interruptus: All Pro-White and Nowhere to Go

It's well-known that a major frustration for white advocates is the lack of opportunities for activism. A person first makes the slow and sometimes painful transition from "conservative" or "libertarian" to racially conscious white person (as in "No, I'm not a hater of random black or Jewish people, but would you look at the raw deal whites in America are getting, for God's sake?"). The more they delve into the writings, and match them up with current events, the more clearly they understand the issues facing whites. But aside from posting on the Internet, there's not much they can do.

Many would put themselves at grave risk of being fired from their employment, as the examples of Sam Francis, Kevin Lamb, Michael Regan and countless others show.

Some organizations, as the erudite Wilmot Robertson observed, consist of nothing more than a weird collection of undercover government agents, informers and oddballs. I recall attending some National Alliance meetings several years ago and thinking that some of the attendees mirrored his observation.

I think this is a very harmful state of affairs. Some deal with "activus interruptus" by simply drifting away. Others may deal with it through foolhardy outbursts that accomplish nothing.