Thursday, May 27, 2010


If any proof that Democrat's panic and desperation over the prospects of losing their control over Capitol Hill this coming November is required you need only look at their reaction to Dr. Rand Paul's landslide victory in the Kentucky primary election.

Seen as a harbinger of things to come, Dr. Paul's crushing defeat of a more or less moderate Republican opponent, showed the power of the nation's discontent with the current state of the Union under the confused leadership of Barack Obama and his feckless administration.

The impression created by Dr. Paul's triumph was the realization that the Tea Party is what it claims to be, a widespread movement not only vehemently opposed to the works and pomps of the Obama presidency but one determined to use its hefty clout at the polls. It demonstrated that clout in the Kentucky primary by defeating the GOP establishment and choosing a candidate who embraced their philosophy of a limited federal government as defined in the U.S. Constitution.

One needs to be blind to fail to see what is at work here. The likes of the Rand Paul movement scares to daylights out of the national Democratic establishment and they are determined to strangle it in its Kentucky crib before it can grow into a national nightmare that strips them of control of the United States Congress this year, and of the presidency two years hence.