Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shadowy Schemers Converge on Spain

As the super-secret Trilateral Commission (TC) was meeting behind locked and guarded doors at the luxurious Four Seasons resort hotel in Dublin, Ireland May 8, participants were upset to learn that awareness of their evildoings was surging in the United States.

The same day, the Republican Party of Maine threw out its Establishment-approved platform and adopted a manifesto that denounced “efforts to create a one-world government,” called for abolishing the Federal Reserve
System and ridiculed global warming as a “myth.” Each of these matters is dear to the hearts of members of the Trilateral Commission and its brother group, Bilderberg. Their traditional goal is world government, and these stateless plutocrats have exploited the hysteria over “global warming” for profit.

Maine’s Republicans also praised the tea party movement and support Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) and his son Rand Paul, who won the GOP Senate primary in Kentucky May 18. Maine’s Republicans said, “Healthcare is not a right.” They say, “Eliminate Motor Voter”; “Reject the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child”; “Eliminate the Department of Education”; “Arrest and detain . . . anyone here illegally, and then deport [him], period.”

Similar demands are being made by a growing number of congressmen and other officials throughout the country, and this is distressing to the Trilateral-Bilderberg elite. The health control law proclaims a “right” to care and imposes an unconstitutional requirement that private citizens buy private healthcare or pay a fine. Yet the central government has no constitutional power to compel individuals to buy any product from a private party.