Monday, May 17, 2010

Kerry, Lieberman Ready to End Senate Careers

It’s official. Senators John Kerry and Joe Lieberman have signaled the end of their political careers. The two have introduced what they’ve titled the “American Power Act.” Yep, it’s a global warming bill – Cap-n-Trade, Cap-n-Tax, etc. The premise for this bill is that the industrial emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are causing global temperatures to rise and to prevent global catastrophe the industrialized world must reduce its emissions of CO2.

A pork and power bill based on global warming propaganda has been a priority for the Obama administration. Given that it has already been established, absolutely, that predictions of catastrophic man-made global warming are a scam, you might question the two senators’ sanity for introducing one. But new benefits to Israel have recently been negotiated, which might be all it takes to make Joe Lieberman happy. And it’s very easy to imagine a chat between John Kerry and Al Gore that ends with Al Gore saying, “Yah, but the money is good.”

Kerry’s term isn’t over until 2014, when he will be 71 years old, so retirement isn’t an unreasonable choice anyway. Lieberman is about the same age with his current term ending two years earlier.

Investor’s Business Daily describes the bill as “cap-and-trade meets pork-barrel spending.” It’s about regulations, restrictions and research. The bill creates some 60 new agencies and projects to eat up our tax dollars and buy support.