Monday, December 13, 2010

The Frame-Up Of Edgar Steele In Northern Idaho

Recently, I received an email asking me if my eyes were really 'wide open'. I thought they were but he pointed out to me that I was completely missing what should be the story of the year. That story is the frame-up of Edgar Steele in Northern Idaho.

I knew about Edgar Steele being arrested for allegedly hiring a hitman to kill his wife. I also knew a little bit about Steele from his email newsletter called, "The Nickle Rant". I got them and occasionally would glance through them - but didn't read them because I'm always busy doing my own research and writing my own rants. I lost interest in the story because Cyndi Steele, Edgar's wife wasn't talking and the information was slow coming out.

The person I received the email from is Wesley Hoyt, former prosecutor for some county up north, and now attorney for Cyndi Steele in her lawsuit again the Justice Department for violation of her rights as a victim of a crime - foiled though it was. The Justice Department gave a sweetheart deal to the accused hitman.

For planting a pipe bomb on Cyndi's SUV, the U.S. Attorney's office is charging Larry "The Plumber" Fairfax with possession of an illegal firearm and making a firearm in violation of the National Firearms Act. She is asking for 18 months in jail for Fairfax with credit for time served. These are hardly the charges one would expect for attempted murder - even though his attorney called the FBI and confessed - out of the blue.

So... I told Wes I would look at it and I have. I'm not going to repeat the story because here it is - and it's fairly complete