Friday, December 10, 2010

Warning to John Boehner: Three Strikes and you’re out!

It appears that the House GOP hasn’t learned their lesson from last time around because these two picks signal it is back to business as usual.

STRIKE ONE: Rep. Fred Upton (RINO MI) – As chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee oversight of EPA is the number function of this committee. If any agency needs a tough watchdog it is the EPA who is dismantling our free enterprise system with meaningless regulations.

Upton’s main claim to fame is he cosponsored the bill with the Democrats banning of incandescent lamp bulbs in the U.S., in favor of compact fluorescent lamps which he now say was a mistake and it should be repealed.

Upton is your classic fence sitting RINO and the November Election results has caused Fred to jump off the fence on the right side or to put it another way he is trying to erase his liberal record.

His voting record can be seen here…

STRIKE TWO: Rep. Hal Rogers of Kentucky as chairman of the Appropriations Committee. Rogers is an earmark-happy member of ‘Good Old Boys Club’ and giving him the chair in the Appropriations Committee is akin to giving a burglar the keys to the bank. This is the last guy we need in charge of Appropriations.