Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Two Californias

Victor Davis Hansen’s National Review article “Two Californias.” He describes a rural California that exists in a parallel universe to the coastal cities—indeed to all of White America. Decades of immigration and White dispossession have resulted in a Mexican sub-culture that has simply transplanted itself from Mexico to California. Spanish is the first language, and the schools (among the worst in the state) are almost completely Mexican. The small White farmers have been displaced by mechanized agriculture and the White working class has seen their manufacturing jobs shipped overseas.

Aided by generous welfare benefits, these immigrants have many of the gadgets of the middle class. But there the similarity ends. It’s a culture that is completely unregulated–garbage strewn everywhere, animals roaming around without fencing, and no construction or business codes, and no tax collection. White California is ruled by an elitist culture of the well-heeled left in political alliance with non-Whites; it loves regulating business in the name of moral virtue (like the recent deluge of anti-global warming laws). Meanwhile, the areas inhabited by their Mexican clients are completely unregulated.

In short, the Third World has simply transferred itself to California. (Coming soon, if not already arrived, to a state near you.)

In both America and Europe parallel societies have been created–completely outside the White mainstream and indifferent (Mexifornians) or hostile (European Muslims) to the White culture that so generously subsidizes their Third World lifestyle. The time bomb is ticking.