Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I’ve been doing quite a lot of reading about the Edgar Steele case lately (the North Idaho murder-for-hire case in which attorney Steele is accused of plotting with and hiring his neighbor Larry Fairfax to kill his wife and her mother). I wouldn’t call it research. Just browsing news reports and blogs along with statements made by his wife Cyndi Steele, the FBI, the Federal prosecuting attorney, judges, and of course the “lead actor” in this mess, would-be car bomber Larry Fairfax (“Larry the plumber;” the Steele’s “hillbilly handyman”).

As a result, I have not only learned some things; I have developed a number of impressions, questions, suspicions, and “reasonable doubts.”

In summary, it seems that the Edgar Steele case is an ongoing gross (and possibly even deliberate?) miscarriage of justice. It looks as though he is being railroaded because of his beliefs, writings, and speeches; and possibly because of investigations he had been conducting that he planned to publish in the near future. And it even seems a reasonable possibility that certain elements of the U.S. Government may have joined Larry Fairfax et al in initiating and carrying out that crime.

It does seem possible that all this is being done at the behest of the Jews that control certain elements of the U.S. Government (ZOG); in collusion with the key Negroes-in-charge: Eric Holder, Attorney General (likely); and President Barack Obama (conceivably and possibly). Hard as it might be to believe, it appears as though these factions of the government jumped on this case when it was initiated by Fairfax (or by Fairfax in collusion with the ADL and/or the FBI) as a way to “get” Steele after they couldn’t find anything else to nail him with.

We may never know the real facts and truth in regard to this case. But it strikes me that what has been lacking up to this point is real, rigorous and intensive, and unbiased investigation of all the elements, and especially of the claims and actions of Larry Fairfax. And here I’m thinking of honest and competent investigation by both the local press (investigative journalism) and by the FBI (the Federal Bureau of Investigation).