Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holbrooke’s Legacy

It was under the Clintons, and Holbrooke, that the US first embarked on its post-cold war crusade to inflict righteousness on the world’s peoples and export “democracy” at gunpoint. In a PBS documentary entitled “Give War a Chance,” which tells the story of Holbrooke’s career juxtaposed to that of Admiral Leighton “Snuffy” Smith, who was on the ground in the Balkans as the Clintonites rushed to war, the Admiral tells viewers how the preening Holbrooke screamed that he and his IFOR troops must stop the burning of Sarajevo. As the Bosnian Muslims carried out their program of ethnically cleansing the Bosnian capital, the Serbs set fire to their own homes before they fled, and Holbrooke wanted it stopped. As Admiral Smith recalls:

When Admiral Smith – who described the Bosnian intervention as “the biggest damn mess in the world: absolutely, completely unworkable” – told the Clinton administration that they had run out of Level I targets to bomb, Holbrooke called him a liar. “If we can’t say precisely what we think to the political people,” said Smith to PBS, his face reddening with anger, “that give us the orders, and say, ‘Look, this is not a good idea,’ if we can’t tell them what it’s going to cost in terms of commitment and time, commitment and resources, lives; if we can’t be honest with the politicians and have them accept it as a professional military judgment, we are in a sorry state of affairs.”

Holbrooke, and the Clintons, weren’t interested in anyone’s professional military judgment: they wanted Serb blood. Holbrooke pushed back, hard, and demanded more intrusive and intense bombing raids. Smith told him he didn’t take orders from either Holbrooke or his military aide, Wesley Clark, but from NATO headquarters. Holbrooke went directly to the President, and the rest is some pretty bloody and shameful history.

This ghoulish regime is the legacy of Richard Holbrooke, and, indeed, of the bloody “humanitarian” interventionists of the Clinton era, who are, today, running our foreign policy. Kosovo is a nightmarish society in which human vampires, aided and abetted by the US-installed-and-supported “government,” tear out their victims’ organs and sell them on the open market. During the US-supported war of “liberation,” KLA units captured Serbs, spirited them across the border to Albania, and harvested their organs, the inquiry revealed. Also exposed: “Prime Minister” Thaci is the “boss” at the center of Europe’s vast heroin smuggling trade. Critics of the Balkan intervention long ago identified the KLA as nothing more than a criminal gang, yet this has never been officially acknowledged up until now. Indeed, Carla del Ponte was prevented from investigating the crimes of Thaci and the KLA: the Council of Europe’s inquiry was commissioned when she threw in the towel.