Friday, December 10, 2010

High Tide Of Amnesty? Democrat Says DREAM Not Quite Dead—But Moratorium Next!

In fact, at this time of extended depression, why aren't we having a MORATORIUM on all immigration, until the level of unemployment goes to half or less of its present almost 10%??

We could then decide, just to list a few obvious items, on:
1.Enforcement of present laws—which the present Administration has largely eschewed;

2.Making E-Verify permanent and mandatory, which would permit heavy penalties for employing illegal aliens;

3.Decide the basis for dealing with those here illegally, including DREAM Act candidates—not the type of unenforceable hodgepodge like the three-times-voted-down-Comprehensive Immigration legislation.

Unfortunately, so far the voices of the majority, the constant 65% of all Americans who say we have too much immigration, have not been listened to by either major party.