Friday, December 17, 2010


International financiers are subtly pursuing their goal of global government, under cover of darkness. They plan to keep the world in a recession at least through 2011 so hungry people will accept world rule to avoid starvation. Their efforts are exposed in their own words, during unguarded moments. “If all goes according to plan, the UN Framework Commission Convention on Climate Change will establish a global framework,” the Bilderberg-controlled Washington Post reported from a UN meeting in Cancun, Mexico Dec. 8.

Post publishers have attended every secret Bilderberg meeting since the 1950s, on a promise to report nothing. Since 1954, the Bilderberg group, with the collaboration of the mainstream corporate media, has been meeting behind closed and heavily guarded doors, to make decisions affecting virtually everyone on Earth. “They are ripe for the harvest,” Brazilian climate official Sergio Serra said during the meeting in Mexico, referring to efforts to establish a global department of energy and climate under the UN.

“We know deforestation is a global problem, and the only way to address that is with an international mechanism,” said Rebecca Chacko, attending for the environmental group Conservation International.

“Now we finally have a moment where, if we’re successful, we can move forward.” World government is also being pushed on the “peace front.” At a summit in Lisbon, Portugal, NATO announced it would fight terrorism “around the globe,” as members advocated a world defense ministry under the UN. The White House said this was a “full embrace” of Obama’s views.